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Published: 16 March 2010

If your website was built before the end of last year, with no disrespect, there's a good chance it's not ready for the latest wave of browsers (versions) that have been released since the last quarter of 2009.

Furthermore, in the past few weeks Microsoft has had it's hand forced in the great browser debate that has raged on for over a decade. Over ten years ago, Microsoft faced court action over the anti-competitive nature of forcing Window's users to use Internet Explorer 5 and recently, the EU Courts have ruled that Microsoft has to start fairly promoting up to 11 other mainstream browsers to its Windows customer base.

The result? Never before have websites been exposed to as many different browsers as they currently are. We used to have a big 2, now we have a big 5 and a myriad of mobile devices and browsers that have never really been part of the mainstream.

Do you know how well your website looks on Safari 4, or Firefox 3.5, let alone on Google Chrome, Sleipnir or Internet Explorer 8?

If you don't, don't panic, you're not alone and we're here to help. For browser testing Sagittarius Digital's dedicated website browser testing team are ready to make sure your customer experience is as sharp as it ever was. We'll test your key website pages on all the latest browsers and give you a full written health check at the end of it.

For more information or to have our expert browser testing team audit your website, contact us on 08450 553888 or email info@sagittarius-marketing.com

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