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Published: 01 November 2005 Part of the government's 10-year National Drug Strategy, the ‘Boogie Basement’ and ‘SK8 Mate’ games have a simple message: you don’t need drugs or alcohol to get ahead.

Whether doing nifty jumps in the park orboogieing in an underground disco, the games reward drug & alcohol avoidance.

Sagittarius Marketing director Paul Stephen regularly lectures at the University of Kent Multimedia and Design Technology course and thinks online media should play in increasingly big role in community communications.

“Particularly in this age group, games can attract people to a website they wouldn’t otherwise visit,” says Paul. “Researching drugs online has certain connotations but these games are a ‘legitimate’ way of getting there. And the scoring adds a valuable competitive element that will encourage users to do the marketing and be the champions.”

Play Sk8 Mate and Boogie Basement now
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