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Published: 17 June 2014 Designing a website is often like deciding what to wear in the morning. Every day I look out the window to judge what clothes would be suitable based on the weather, where I am going and who I am meeting.

Much like the ever changing direction of fashionable web design, the weather is something that can change everyday and is very unpredictable. It is often hard to design a site that will last more than a few years without needing a refresh at some point. If you find that right client at the right time then fashionable web design can be great however, we don’t want to be left standing in the rain wearing shorts and flip flops. We must consider the possibility of change and try to design a site with a degree of flexibility. The recent rise of flat design has given a great foundation for designers to create sites that can be updated gradually over extended periods of time. Sometimes we only need to put a jacket on rather than a whole new outfit.

Where am I going?
Never before has user experience (UX) been so relevant. With advances in the capabilities of the browser, websites are in danger of becoming shrouded with over indulgent processes and unnecessary elements. We have to consider the purpose of what we are designing and how our design decisions will impact the audience. We have to pick the best clothes considering the entire journey and not just the final destination. ’User experience is an art form of its own. You never can predict for certain how your site or app will be perceived. What you can do is arm yourself with the tools to make informed decisions about UX in the design process.’ Carrie Cousins. Once we know where we are going then we can pick the right clothes for the journey.

Who am I meeting?
Now we have decided on the latest design trends and we know where we are going, we have to consider who we are meeting! Who are we designing for? What demographic do they fit into? There are hundreds of questions we can ask ourselves but only through doing this can we begin to create an appropriate outfit. To design a site purely to impress the design community is not productive, not everyone logging onto our site is a design critic, most are average joe trying to buy a new pair of shoes. Considering the UX and producing strong usability have to be held with the up most importance. Designing for a luxury car dealership and a children’s entertainment website couldn’t be more different. We have to dress the site appropriately depending on who it will be meeting throughout its journey.

So before you open the wardrobe of web design, take note of all the mentioned factors and try and find the right balance between fashion and practicality!

3 Great Examples of picking the right clothes.

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