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Published: 11 February 2015

Today I thought I would tell you about a great tool that I’ve found. It’s called Power BI and it could change the way you view your business data day to day.

You know by now from my previous blog article “The death of <insert technology here>” that I don’t put much belief behind anyone who thinks they can foretell the future. So many people at the moment go “big data” this and “data culture” that. It’s going to change the world and usher in a new age of peace and enlightenment!

That said I realise that trying to pull information out of data sets is a pain in butt. The size of the data just magnifies the issue so any tool you can use to ease that problem is a worthwhile endeavour.

Microsoft has just introduced a new tool as an American only preview called Power Business Intelligence or Power BI for short.

It’s a free service that lets you import data sets of any size. Then pull out values and visualise the results in any way you like. For some great screen shots and a demo have a look at this article created by Scott Hanselman http://hmsl.mn/1EFuHAI

The interface is built for ordinary users, so it seems to offer a nice easy to use, way of understanding your data without the need for a degree in computer science.

It looks amazing, but am I the only one that hears that name and instantly thinks of Team Americas computer I.N.T.E.L.L.I.G.E.N.C.E.

“Power Business Intelligence” definitely sounds like a cyborg on a comedy TV show! With Microsoft’s history of terrible naming of products I do wonder if it won’t get renamed before release worldwide.



Richard Brisley

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