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Published: 29 January 2014 Sagittarius Marketing is pleased to announce the launch of its latest Sitecore solution for UK leading ski holiday provider, www.skiweekends.com. Sagittarius is proud to be certified as a Sitecore Partner and to report on the delivery of this most recent Sitecore solution with huge success.

The Sitecore solution is a powerful online marketing tool, which allows Skiweekends to make the most of their existing powerful web presence with personalisation features and highly detailed reporting functionality. Sitecore is the choice for delivering unique brand experiences that inspire and surround customers with useful, relevant information through multiple channels.

In such a fast-paced digital world, relevant and engaging content is key; Skiweekends are now able to highly personalise each and every customer website interaction by tailoring the content that the user is shown dependant on the choices they make when entering the site, ensuring improved customer experiences.

Skiweekends are now also able to maintain consistent conversations with their audiences across a whole variety of online channels, be it online, email marketing or social. The new Sitecore solution has been fully optimised for mobile and tablet users, which account for over 40% of users to the site, confirming that mobile and tablet friendly sites are a must, not a nice to have.

Ensuring that content and surrounding data is richer and even more relevant to the user will in turn encourage higher levels of satisfaction and increase conversions of purchases.

Sitecore is a powerful CMS (content management system) platform built on Microsoft ASP .Net framework. There are many benefits of the Sitecore solution which include:

  • The industry’s only fully integrated, search-based architecture enabling marketers to deliver greater relevance and personalization.
  • Microsoft Office-like editing capabilities and an intuitive interface that users of all skill levels will love.
  • Engagement automation to communicate with customers across all channels and maximize efficiency of moving prospects through the sales funnel.
  • Profile and persona scoring to design a personalized user experience that will have visitors coming back for more.
  • Sitecore AIDA™ technology: a marketing performance optimization technology that simultaneously collects, evaluates, manages and analyses customer intelligence from patterns, behaviours and decisions gathered across multiple digital channels, and then offers immediately actionable insights and analytics that helps marketer maximize the results from marketing programs.

Benefits seen have been immediate to the Skiweekends.com website including improved sales performance, enhanced user data and statistics.

For further information on Sitecore solutions please visit: www.sagittarius-marketing.com/sitecore.aspx and to see the site yourself, please visit: www.skiweekends.com


Paul Stephen

Co-Founder & Joint CEO

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