Published: 18 July 2017

Having only worked in the Digital Marketing realm myself, I only recently learned about “Push & Pull” and quickly realised that while the phrase might not be used by us “Murderous Millennials”, the theory still holds up, and forms the bedrock of many Digital Marketing practices.

Not only that, it inspired me to do more with my Digital strategy.

The First Bit: What is “Push” Marketing?

“Push” Marketing is basically the more traditional form of marketing – you know the drill – radio ads, newspaper sections, TV, posters, letters through your postbox, etc. There is some form of targeting, although a lot of it is done with guesswork (far more than Digital advertising, at least).

Due to the broad nature of “Push” Marketing, it does require quite a bit of cash to get any visibility to the right people. Not to say that it doesn’t work. It has, plenty of times, and sometimes been exceedingly effective, even to the point where some campaigns have become part of our everyday vernacular (“Every little helps), or ingrained into our memories forever (complete this sentence: “Have a break…”).

The problem: The aforementioned £££. Not every brand has enough of it to utilise a broad, effective “Push” Marketing campaign.

Which bring us to…

The Good Bit: “Pull” Marketing!

If “Push” Marketing is going out and chasing after the customer, “Pull” Marketing is setting up a clever trap and giving them a reason to check out your business when they pass by.

“Pull” Marketing is all about getting conversions and purchases by:

a) generating audience interest
b) making sure your product is there when they’re looking for it

At a fundamental level, this might look like focusing on making your services stand out, or positioning your brand effectively to create a strong desire.

The Exciting Bit: “Push & Pull” Working Together, Digitally

“Pull” Marketing has become increasingly more important in the Digital age, as any look at your “Top Conversion Paths” section in Analytics will tell you.

People today are able to conduct far more product research online – and they do! With access to online reviews, product information sites, and recommendations from friends on social media.

However “Pull” Marketing has also become far more accessible with Digital, so small brands are now able to compete with the big fish, if enough effort is put in. Similarly, “Push” Marketing is more powerful than ever, as Audience Targeting methods (while sometimes a little difficult to get right) allow for a much greater level of accuracy, more like a laser beam than a shotgun.

“Push & Pull” Digital Marketing Tips

Content Marketing & Remarketing

Utilise strong Content (the crown jewel of Digital “Pull” Marketing) to cultivate interest and desire, followed up by a Remarketing strategy to “Push” your services to those who are engaging the most with it.

Social Media & More Social Media

If you’re using Social Media correctly, you’re using it to create genuine, interesting and thought-provoking posts to promote discussion, and engage with your audience. This is the “Pull”… Making your accounts a desirable feed to follow. As for the “Push”? Intersperse the feed with promotions (remember to keep the same tone-of-voice) on the same channels.

SEO & Informed Strategy

Got Goals and Conversions set up in Analytics and Adwords? Check out which keywords and queries result in conversions (this is your “Pull”), then use those to inform what keywords/products/services to focus on when “Pushing” with Display, E-mail and Content production.

Tame the New Frontier

Despite what anyone tells you, Digital Marketing still has a bit of a “wild west”. New trends form all the time, and not just from new technology. The best ones come from users themselves, and can be taken advantage of by savvy Marketers looking to ride the wave.

Take a look at these slides from the excellent Think With Google blog.


Both of these are examples of new content trends that came to pass on YouTube – a platform that has existed for over a decade. They aren’t reliant on new technology or anything external. They’re simply new user-generated-content examples that Marketers can take advantage of and incorporate into their “Push & Pull” strategies.

“Push & Pull” is at its absolute peak when you experiment with Digital Marketing in this way.

So try it. Hopefully you’ll have more luck than the coyote.

For advanced Digital Marketing Strategy, Insights and Tips, check out the rest of our blog

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