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Published: 08 August 2014

When I was at University I studied a certificate in Natural Sciences, so science and technology have always been twin passions of mine. Unfortunately as you might imagine if I mention Bose–Einstein condensate to my work colleagues, they are likely to pass out from boredom.

But I was enjoying having a conversation with Nick Towers the other day about “Big Data”. We deal with a lot of data at Sagittarius, for instance each customer at Headspace has 365 days of content. Each of which has viewed and finished dates that's times their 566,924 users. We created a referrer/visits system that tracks the actions of users in real time. So we are no strangers to big data like scenarios.

Nick posed a question what does Google do about big data? Did you know Lockheed Martin, Nasa and Google use a Quantum Computer? Lockheed Martin uses them for debugging the nine million lines of code that powers their planes. Nasa to find habitable planets and Google to analyse search.

The computer they use is built by a company called D-Wave http://www.dwavesys.com

It uses three plates which decrease the temperature down to 4 kelvin (-269.15 degrees C), 0.7 kelvin (-272.45) and 0.1 kelvin (-273.05). This is 100 times colder than interstellar space, it also has a low magnetic environment (50,000 times less than earth’s magnetic field).

When compared to a conventional computer from IBM, the D-Wave machine was found to be 3600 times faster at performing the same task. So what do you do to solve Big Data? Hire a physicist


Richard Brisley

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