Published: 11 June 2015

If you’re an iPhone owner like myself then you’ll probably have heard everyone going on about the new iOS 9 update, and currently I’m hearing very mixed reviews. With some of their updates being great and some not so. Here is a quick round up of all the new features and what they have to offer.

Improved Siri with Proactive

Basically Apple trying to create a version of Google Now.

Apple is adding smarter features to Siri in order to get to know you a little better. The update will give Siri the ability to remind you of meetings and alert you in advance, as well as knowing specific details about your day to day habits. For example it can automatically start an audiobook when you get into the car because it KNOWS you like to listen to audiobooks in the car. Pretty intelligent huh?

But that isn’t the end. The new and improved Siri will suggest apps and contacts based on where you are or what you do. It will analyse information about your daily habits, taking into account locations, time of day, apps you view and what other devices you’re connected to – in order to anticipate your next move.

Spotlight with Deep Linking

Apple are basically turning Spotlight into its very own little search engine.

This will likely lead to many people relying less on Google search and heading straight for Spotlight when wanting to search for something, like a restaurant on Yelp.

Quite an important part of this update and something Apple will probably get a lot of thumbs up for is that they have insisted a lot on privacy for this feature. When you search for something using Spotlight you don’t give data away.

Apple Music

“Today we’re announcing the Apple Music, the next chapter in Music,” Tim Cook had said. But is this true? Looking at it, it does seem like a pretty good deal. Apple will be offering Apple Music at a cost of $9.99 per month after a 3-month free trial, a pretty long trial period! As well as offering a family plan for $14.99 a month.

Further to this Apple are looking to release Apple Music on Android and Windows too!


News App

Remember Newsstand? Yeah me either, even though it’s an app on my phone I can’t say that I’ve ever opened it. BBC News has always been a winner for me, with notifications of the latest top news. But looking at the new News App Apple will be replacing Newsstand with, this could be a new winner. News is a customisable digital magazine which Apple has recruited publishers including The New York Times and ESPN to create an interactive reading app.

Split-Screen Apps on the iPad

One of my favourite updates for sure. I remember the very first time I used the split-screen on Windows and since then I have forever been in love. It makes life 10 times easier allowing you to have a word doc open and a web browser both open at the same time! And now Apple are introducing this to iPads.

They have also added Slideover, which allows you to slide from the side to get another app, such as Messages, open.

All pretty impressive.

Update to Maps

With the iOS 9 update iPhone users will be able to find transit directions. But not only this. Other features will include step by step directions, walking times and the ability to look at all the transit options at a given station. However, for those who don’t live in the United States, China and London, you’ll be missing out on this for a while as they are only rolling it out in limited locations.

Loyalty Cards for Apply Pay

Apple Pay, which isn’t yet out in the UK, but due to be releasing next month (July 2015) is still something Apple are boasting about – but not having the ability to use it I don’t have much of a say and/or opinion on this as of yet.

Apple appear to be bringing an update to this already, you will be able to store rewards cards in the Passbook app (now called Wallet).


Rich-Text Notes

Quite cool, but not something too exciting because I don’t know what else other than my grocery list I’d use my notes for. Apple are going to give you the ability to make checklists, embed photos and draw sketches in the notes app.

A few things to be wary of…

I only have a 16GB iPhone and am currently continuously getting notifications telling me my storage is full – so if you’re like me – don’t get your hopes up with being able to download this new update unless you remove your entire photo library, all your apps and all your songs – because it will require 1.8GB. However, saying that the update was supposedly going to use 4.6GB, so 1.8GB will definitely make the update process easier.

iOS 9’s public beta starts in July, and a public release is set for September, iOS 9 will support the iPhone 4s and later and the iPad 2 and later.


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