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Published: 14 July 2009

Sagittarius Digital was commissioned to support an international project aimed at helping countries across the European Union to develop their ability to inform and prepare people to work together in emergencies and disasters.

The website, www.informedprepared.eu, provides a common resource point for members of the European Union (EU) and European Economic Area (EEA). It’s the first time that member states have had access to a single, comprehensive online information ‘gateway’ that offers an invaluable insight into how other countries support their citizens and provide civil protection.

The multi-lingual site allows countries to pool resources, offer advice to each other and share their experiences and good practice when dealing with anything from natural emergencies and disasters, such as flooding and volcanic eruptions, to terrorist attacks and radiation leaks.

The website provides each country with its own page, outlining its national civil protection measures, and can be used as an information source by everyone from Governments and voluntary organisations right through to individual citizens.

Moya Wood-Heath, the Informed Prepared Together Project leader and Civil Protection Adviser to the British Red Cross and Red Cross European Office, said: “The IPT project was designed to inspire countries across the EU and EEA to recognise the value of using all available resources and working together to support and complement each other’s own civil protection arrangements.

“We wanted a clear, user-friendly method of communication in several languages – a website that could recommend existing links, products and resources and provide a valuable library of information.

“We therefore needed an agency that was big enough and had the expertise to handle a project of this magnitude. Sagittarius Marketing has had a great deal of experience in the voluntary and charity sectors and was the obvious choice. We are delighted with the quality, the extensive facilities and access to information and advice that the website provides.”

Nick Towers, Sagittarius Marketing’s Director of Digital, said: “The website offers practical and useful product and communication tools for individuals, organisations and governments and allows information and advice to be disseminated quickly and efficiently. Visitors can also download information giving them advice on how to prepare for and what to do in the event of, for example, an earthquake.

“Countries can use the site to build on the resources and skills available, draw on local knowledge and networks, and tap into existing initiatives that could help them prepare for and develop their ability to cope with an emergency or disaster.

“The website will be particularly valuable to some of the newer EU member states, where this kind of helpful information and advice is less readily available.”

The website was unveiled during a presentation to representatives from EU member states in Brussels last month and is expected to go live in July.

For further information about how Sagittarius Digital can help your with your next Digital project or for a free website audit call 08450 553883 or email sangeeta@sagittarius-digital.com

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