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Published: 20 December 2009 Having won a three way pitch for the new Kent and Medway Safety Camera Partnership we have recently launched a mould breaking new website. Featuring a home page animation that promises never to show the same street scene twice, a fully integrated and interactive safety camera map that combines the latest safety information with the power of Google Maps and a wealth of information about the great work that K&MSCP do and the vial role that safety cameras now play in the UK, we are proud to have be chosen to deliver on what was a fascinating brief.

The brief itself was to develop a new website that finds a balance between interactivity, serious messages, fun campaigns, council approval and search engine optimisation. The brief also stated that the site needed to have a full content management system and the support of a team that includes great conceptual designers, information architects and usability experts, sound technical developers and a digital marketing team that know their SEO from their PPC.

In just three days from launch the new website has already found a foothold in the search engines, paying testament to the many technical features of the Sagittarius Digital CMS and website platform that the new website is built on.

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