Published: 31 August 2018

Since opening in October 2017, Sagittarius Digital Engineering, Sri Lanka has rapidly transformed from a team of one to a team of eight, fast outstripping the original shared working space at the World Trade Centre, Colombo.

As a result, Sagittarius has spent the last 3 months re-designing the top floor at Valiant Towers in Nawam Mawatha, Colombo 2, into a creative space overlooking spectacular views of the ocean with better transport facilities and improved communication links between Global offices in the UK and Ukraine. The new office is over 2,695 sq foot, tripling the previous floor space; offering a more comfortable working environment for the existing team whilst accommodating space for a further 20 new recruitment hires in the future. The new office will drive business to the local area supporting the local economy, providing more job opportunities as well as better career progression for staff.

Chief Executive at Sagittarius, Paul Stephen comments: “The decision to open an office in Sri Lanka was fuelled by our ambitions to expand our overseas presence and to source the much-needed software engineering resources so that we could continue to take on larger client projects at a globally competitive rate. Since then our Sri Lankan team has continued to grow and as a result, we decided to open a new office that will accommodate this as well as our continued investment in the area.”

Tharshan Sreetharan, Director and Chief Operating Officer said: “When we founded Sagittarius Digital Engineering, we wanted a company that was able to develop and engineer world-class software in an environment that is fun and exciting. In the last 12 months, the team has continued to grow, maintaining the energy and passion we desired. Our work culture is driven by a healthy work-life balance and the new office is equipped with modern systems and ergonomic furniture to facilitate these core values. The office offers a comfortable and spacious working area and we’ve also added a chill-out zone for staff to unwind and relax during breaks.”

Sagittarius is a global digital engineering company that delivers creative, results driven digital experiences such as website design, development and implementation as well as personalisation, user experience, SEO, PPC and digital transformation services. We operate in a multi-disciplinary pod system which allows us to offer clients a variety of skills across a breadth of services over a longer period of time, no matter where they are based in the world.

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Sarah Dennis

Head of Marketing & Communications

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