Published: 12 November 2018 This November two of our UK team: Managing Director, Nick Towers, and Marketing Manager, Sarah Dennis are flying to Sri Lanka to collaborate with the local team in Colombo, where Sagittarius will be hosting its first first international technical user group.

In a bid to further our Global presence, Sagittarius Digital Engineering is partnering with the Sri Lankan Developer Forum and Microsoft Sri Lanka to sponsor a special technical user group event to showcase the agencies capabilities and network with the best engineers in the area and establish a local digital footprint in the region.

Speakers will include Sagittarius’ Managing Director and Sitecore MVP, Nick Towers, from UK to present and demo a Chatbot that the team have been developed in partnership with Microsoft; showcasing our Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning expertise as we put the spotlight on these features in the upcoming months.

Our second Sagittarius speaker will be Chief Operating Officer, Tharshan Sreetharan, who will be presenting a discussion around software product engineering, digital disruption and agile management. Tharshan will explore what developers need to do to solve a client’s business problems and create a minimum viable product opposed to simply developing without an understanding of the products’ bigger picture or understanding the requirements. He will also share some global examples of digital technologies and software products that disrupted the globe creating new avenues and opportunities for businesses.

The third and final speaker will be Thurupathan Vijayakumar from Tiqri, an international software engineering company.  Thurupathan is a Technology Architect and Azure MVP who’s presentation will address common API design pitfalls. His talk will explore our concerns and skeptical arguments on how to do the URI naming, versioning, HTTP codes, error handling and more as well as how we can overcome these.

The MeetUp will be held at the Microsoft Building in Colombo 2 on Wednesday 28th November from 5:30pm until 8:30pm followed by Networking event and light refreshments.

Would you like to join the MeetUp? Register your attendance for free via the Sri Lankan Developer Forum Meetup.

Sarah Dennis

Head of Marketing & Communications

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