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Published: 21 May 2009

Fletch McGull, Sagittarius Digital's online guru, has been actively Twittering and Blogging for a few months now and has created quite a stir within the digital world. As the main spokesgull for Sagittarius Digital (the new name for the proven digital team of Sagittarius Marketing) his daily banter, digital marketing nuggets and weekly competitions have managed to create a network with many other early adopters of social media for business networking.

So much so that he has now caught the attention of the BBC.

Unfortunately, Fletch had a prior engagement when the BBC arrived and so Paul Stephen, managing partner of Sagittarius Marketing, acted on his behalf talking to the BBC about why Sagittarius Marketing and Sagittarius Digital see Twitter as being an integral part of our business networking program and communications strategy.

The simple truth is this that Twitter, Blogging and other social networking sites enable Sagittarius to develop real relationships with real people. Fletch himself will quickly tell you that "Twitter is a great way to reach new audiences and develop proper relationships in a way that other digital media have not enabled to date. Through further supporting this activity through a range of social media and networking activities, businesses can ensure that they are making the most of these new communications channels through the implementation of well planned, tactical social media campaigns."

Watch the BBC's news piece; "BBC meets the Tweeters", to see Fletch's first glimpse of TV fame!

If you would like to know more about how social media can be leveraged to enable your business to move forward or about the full range of cost effective, accountable digital opportunities that exist, then please call 08450 553888 or email fletch@sagittarius-digital.com.

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