Published: 15 September 2015 We’re pleased to report on some recent search marketing success with long standing client Brakes Catering Equipment.

As with all ecommerce sites maintaining numerous product descriptions can be a challenge but the team here at Sagittarius have recently demonstrated the importance of this product content in ecommerce for SEO.

The Brakes Catering Equipment ecommerce website contains over 8000 live and for sale products, all with varying degrees of product content.

The digital marketing team Identified a number of products in the site with thin product content of not long enough length. To update this manually would have taken over 12 months of man hours, a projects of a huge undertaking!

The development team therefore created a way to formulate relevant and unique product content for these products by combining dynamic elements from within the site with standardised elements, all whilst retaining readability and a natural style of content.

Latest results since the content release show a 61.3% year on year increase in traffic from Organic search, and a 128% increase in revenue from organic and referral traffic.

As an additional benefit, the lengthier and improved product descriptions have also allowed more products to qualify to appear in online Product Listing Ad (PLA) campaigns, formerly known as Google Shopping.

The digital marketing team continue to work closely with Brakes to improve upon these great results and are looking forward to seeing further improvements soon!

Sarah Dennis

Head of Marketing & Communications

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