Published: 29 December 2015

The Sitecore App Center allows Sitecore users to install and sign up for services. It seems though that many find the Sitecore App Center login confusing. Having a login in something that you have already logged into means it’s not surprising it causes some confusion!

Trying to login with a Sitecore Partner login such as a login for SDN (Sitecore Developer Network) or Sitecore Support it just says the login is invalid. I imagine that many have been left scratching their heads going why doesn’t it work.

Sitecore App Center does in fact use your Sitecore e-mail that you use to access other Sitecore resources (like SDN). But and here is the doozy the App Center access must be allowed for every "Sitecore License ID" plus every "Sitecore e-mail" pair. So if you need use it on a website you will need to contact your Sitecore regional office to obtain this access:

It’s a small thing but I’m sure it catches people out! 


Richard Brisley

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