Published: 10 November 2016

After giving you all an Insight into The Day in The Life of Me – for those of wanting to read the prize-winning blog post you can relive the magic here - http://sagittarius.agency/blog/a-day-in-the-life-of-me-the-balance-between-technology-and-family

I wanted to bring it back to all things technical. So, whilst working on an existing Sitecore multi-site project, I was faced with the task of removing all redundant language versions of items. I was given a brief to remove all versions of items created incorrectly in Danish for example.

I’d heard that this could be accomplished using the Powershell extension (https://marketplace.sitecore.net/en/Modules/Sitecore_PowerShell_console.aspx) but I wanted to explore another option, this one seemed a little long winded!

I discussed this with my colleague, a highly experienced Sitecore developer and arrived at this very neat way of bulk updating, moving and deleting items using Search Operations.

  1. Navigate to your site node
  2. Click the search tab
  3. Search under the site node for all items by language, using the expression below

  4. Once your search results have returned, click the small arrow by the search box. “Search Operations”
  5. Then you should be able to remove all items returned in your search query




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Page Name: {% PageName %}

Page Template: {% PageTemplate %}

CampaignID: {% AgentReferrer.ID %}

CampaignName: {% AgentReferrer.Name %}

CampaignPhone: {% AgentReferrer.Phone %}

Item Location: {% PageLocation %}

Search Session Exists: False