Published: 30 March 2016

Over the years I’ve worked with some major brands on ecommerce projects and am fortunate and privileged that I have a number of ecommerce clients that I have worked with for 10 years or more - taking them online, into ecommerce and developing multi-million pound revenue streams through continuous strategic optimisation and progression.

Based on my experiences to date, the idea of having an ecommerce site with all of Sitecore’s toolkit at its disposal ‘out of the box’ sounded, well, quite awesome really as it would enable us to develop sophisticated, effective conversion strategies without the need to build this stuff ourselves.

So, in order to learn more, the next step was to become a Sitecore Commerce Certified Developer and Solution Architect so as to really understand the platform, its features and capabilities so that I could see for myself if the platform lived up to the potential.

To cut to the chase, it does! Sitecore Commerce is an enterprise ecommerce platform that delivers all the things that you would expect of such a product - product, category and inventory management, the ability to apply and manage pricing and set up discounts, plus customer and order management etc.

However, the Sitecore part of Sitecore Commerce server is what sets it apart as a sales channel. This is due to the fact that you have all those enterprise ecommerce features plus the ability to deploy all of Sitecore’s features too, including personalisation, profiling and dynamic segmentation, automated marketing and engagement scoring.

By using Sitecore in an integrated ecommerce platform you can get close to delivering a personal shopping experience for each customer, individually. Whereas most ecommerce platforms have the ability to personalise based on explicit data - what you’ve looked at, how many times you’ve visited, your profile (if you’re logged in), spend to date; Sitecore Commerce server allows you to then personalise based on the learned, or implied data too.

It’s not just personalisation though, you’ve also got Engagement Plans and Automated Marketing enabling you to deliver personalised emails, texts or social messages based on where someone got to in the purchase or checkout process, or if they asked for more info through a form or live chat. You can tie this into CRM to give you a complete picture of your customer across digital and non-digital channels - in-store or on the phone.

It also ties seamlessly into Goals, Engagement Value, Outcomes and Monetary Value giving you the opportunity to deliver personalised experiences or messages based on not just the financial value of your customer, but, of their engagement value with your brand.

The potential ROI from Sitecore Commerce is immense, it’s ecommerce features and API for integrations means it can streamline business processes and so save an organisation time and money, whilst its integrated digital marketing features mean that, without too much effort and practically zero developer involvement, it can empower and enable an online sales and marketing team to deliver personalised unique experiences that are relevant to each and every customer - optimising conversion rates, delivering revenue to the business and creating raving fans.

If you would like to know more about how you can implement ecommerce into your digital business, please get in touch via email at or call 01233 467800.


Nick Towers

Co-Founder & Joint CEO

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