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Published: 17 November 2007 This weeks see's the launch of a brand new website for leading sports PR agency Pole. The new site takes advantage of our multi-lingual content management system allowing them to stay on top of their online communications in both English and French languages.

The brief was simple: create a professional, corporate showcase website that is highly search engine optimised and available in both English and French.

Our answer was to create a highly sophisticated non-Flash, multi-lingual website solution that contains complex animations and functionality employing only client side coding techniques. Whilst this may sound like techno-babble the outcome is very, very powerful. Through the use of client side technologies we have enabled a sophisticated design and animation framework to be completely search engine optimised and available in any number of languages.

In the past Flash has been notorious for not being search engine friendly. This used to mean one of two things; you either had two websites a Flash and none Flash version (with twice the maintenance costs) or your search engine ranking suffered (the cost of which could be astronomical). The advent of Flash 9 does seem to redress these issues with Adobe assuring us that Flash is now search engine friendly. At the moment the jury is still out and only time will tell in how many instances this is true or not.

In the meantime Pole can be confident that their website is literally sitting pretty in the search engines both in English and French!
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