Published: 14 December 2016

You want an agency that is great, enthusiastic, competent, made of up of great creative and technically capable people, independently well reviewed, oh and of course – all available on a really good day rate....

In fact you want to assess the agency based on that last point first... cost after all is everything. Right? Wrong.

Cost is not everything - we all know that.

Deep down we know we should buy results not time, but how on earth can you buy results in advance?

So the most common questions we probably get asked. So what do you charge? How much per day/per hour?

My question back would be as follows ‘Would you like us to charge by the hour, by the day or by the result?’

But think back just for a minute… In the old days of direct marketing, it was never about the cost of the project - it was about the cost per lead or per conversion.  A cheap project that gets no results is more expensive than an expensive project that gets great results.

The question really needs to be - What results can you assure me your agency will achieve? What is the guarantee of return on my investment if we go with your agency and what will you commit to?

When it’s all about the results, both client and agency are working towards one common goal, one desired aim. It becomes a partnership not an ‘us and them’ type scenario.

It becomes pretty obvious - and hopefully pretty quickly - that hourly rates just don’t work for modern day digital projects.

If there are few leads coming in, who cares how much we charge for a pretty website? If the conversion rates are lower than ever before and your competitors are outperforming you across the board, you don’t need to worry about how much work is delivered in a day. You need to be sure we are focused on your results.

Make your problem our problem.

Then watch us solve it and deliver the solution, the ideas and the RESULTS.

CMO’s, CIO’S, Heads of Digital and Online, in fact, everybody who has a ‘say in digital’ needs a partner that can help them achieve very specific goals and business objectives.

An hourly or a daily rate tells them (and you) very little about what the agency can or will accomplish. Worse yet, you will be assessing an agency on a line item and not on the real-world value they can bring to the table.

So next time you want experts, the next time you want somebody that really understands digital, talk to us.

Let’s talk about your business objectives, goals and aspirations. We’ll let you know whether what you want can be delivered in the time and budget you have and most importantly, if not...why not. We can then support our findings with tangible metrics to prove were worth what we charge.

We have a tried and tested consulting process that includes a robust ROI calculator. If we can’t prove an ROI we don’t do the project.


Fancy a Chat?

Get in touch with or call 01233 467800 if you are looking to improve your website and digital presence during 2017 and would like Sagittarius to deliver the results you expect!



Brad Smith

Commercial Director


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