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Published: 14 March 2010

Hitwise US have revealed that according to their analysis Facebook accounted for 7.07% of all US website visits for the week ending 13th March 2010. Google accounted for 7.03% of all visits, meaning that these two internet giants accounted for 14% of all US website visits for this period.

This is the first time that Facebook has sustained the top spot for a single week. Until now Facebook had toppled the mighty Google on single days but never for a sustained period.

Google's market share has remained relatively stable in recent years, averaging similar market share across US website visits. However, Facebook's rise has been somewhat more metoric, increasing from 2.48% for week ending 14th March 2009 to the levels seen recently.

For those engaged in digital marketing, the significance of this great. With social media sites becoming the most visited sites on the Internet, digital marketing budgets for pay for advertising will need to be constantly monitored and shared in order to achieve the best levels of ROI.

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