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Published: 29 July 2013 Sagittarius has launched an innovative website opening up a new channel for virtual learning online. Sagittarius has played a key role in shaping the future of education and created a first for City and Guilds too.

Sagittarius designed and developed a new way to access Virtual Beauty Courses (VBC). It’s a first for e-learners who want to refresh their beauty skills or who want to kick-start a new career.

The VBC initiative stemmed from Kent Beauty Academy, a private training academy offering beauty and holistic courses. On a limited budget Sagittarius were set the challenge of moving the Kent Beauty Academy out of its 'bricks and mortar' premises and taking their whole proposition online.

To support the project, VBC produced 13 world-leading beauty course videos. Sagittarius harnessed this premium educational content and videos are streamed from Vimeo. The website has the enhanced feature of Skype assessments for and one-to-one sessions with trainers. The learning experience is completely streamlined so all the training can be completed from home (or the salon).

However, VBC wanted to push digital innovation a step further. They needed to send something physical to new students who sign up to their courses. Sagittarius created an interactive brochure with an embedded webkey, which has a unique ID to help VBC identify students. It plugs straight into the student’s computer and automatically launches their browser to a preprogramed URL.

Claire Davies, Founder of VBC Said: “Sagittarius are the first agency we found that really understood our needs and their experience with online subscriptions really helped us to take our business from the classroom to a viable online business”.

VBC are the first to use this physical to digital technology and gives them a competitive edge in the UK beauty industry. This concept dovetails perfectly with the overall online delivery. Sagittarius has given VBC the brand recognition they required and an opportunity to add value to their overall offering.

For further information, please visit: www.virtualbeautycourses.co.uk

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