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Published: 18 February 2015

Recently I attended my first ever webinar run by Twitter Academy discussing Twitter Analytics where I learnt a lot of useful tips and stats. Firstly I found out that Twitter has a whopping 288 million monthly active users who tweet 500 million tweets per day! This is a billion tweets every 2 days, a HUGE audience to be able to reach out to. I also found out that 80% of access to twitter is on mobile, something I’d probably expect to be honest.

Although some of what I took away from the webinar I knew parts about it was great having a memory refresh. Firstly, Brian (the guy who did the webinar), talked about the difference between impressions and engagements, something which seems to confuse people a lot. He also discussed how we can use analytics to determine the best kind of tweets, times to tweet etc. If you visit analytics.twitter.com you’ll be able to understand what I am talking about…  

Impressions are how many times the tweet itself is shown and engagements are how many people choose to interact with your tweets, so looking in analytics if there are peaks and troughs in the amount of impressions or engagements this could be due to the amount of times you tweet, how often you tweet and the quality of your tweets.

You can then look in more detail at an hourly graph on specific tweets, from this you could find out what the best time is for you to be tweeting and when you get the most engagement from your followers.

Latterly, Twitter has added a new function. Quick promote. Twitter have designed a simplified advertising campaign, so you can click on a specific tweet in your analytics dashboard and click “Promote this Tweet to drive clicks”. You will then be asked how much budget you would like to spend and Twitter will launch your campaign and that is all you have to do. Twitter does the rest.

Twitter will look for people who share the same characteristics of the people who already follow you, and find people they believe would be interested in the topics you have mentioned within your tweet and promote it to them.

Next, In your analytics dashboard in the top bar are a selection of other tabs, clicking on the ‘Followers’ tab you’re taken to a different page all about your followers. This gives you a very in-depth analysis of your followers, their interests, location, top cities, gender and other users they follow. From this you could determine new content to be sharing on your Twitter dependant on what your followers are interested in.

A lot of updates have been added recently by Twitter too and one Brian pointed out in the webinar was the update to mobile, you now have the ability to view analytics of specific tweets on mobile. Clicking on one of your tweets on your profile, it will appear on your screen, then you’ll see “view tweet activity” – when you click on this it will then appear with information and stats about that tweet without having to leave the Twitter app.


Finally, something of high interest was how Twitter actually determine people’s gender as this isn’t asked when you sign up. With a greater than 90% accuracy, according to the webinar, they determine your gender by what you tweet about and the kind of people you follow. How accurate this actually can be I wouldn’t be sure…

So these are my takeaways from the #TwitterAcademy webinar you can find more information by using the hashtag.



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