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Published: 25 February 2009

The BBC has one of the most unique business models anywhere in the business world as it is funded by the national TV licence contract. Consequently, when asked whether it needed to implement a CRM it also faced the wider issue of how to implement one and more importantly how it would add value.

In a presentation entitled 'The BBC and DM in the Digital Age', Mark Kelleher, Head of CRM & Head of Marketing Technology for the BBC, gave a fascinating insight into the role of DM at the BBC and went on to present six key rules when working with direct marketing via a CRM and multiple channels.

Having worked through the experiences of the BBC in terms of using direct marketing by email, sms, iPlayer, TV and radio he went on to explain how actually direct marketing has really transformed the way that the BBC interacts with its customer base and how by focusing on value they are starting to see real brand engagement gains.

The six rules for succesfully making direct marketing work, according to Mr Kelleher, were:

  • Optimise recruitment for audience propensity
  • Make the recruitment process as simple as possible
  • Keep all communications relevant
  • Keep all communications timely
  • Provide value - value as perceived by the customer
  • Be clear about what you want the customer to do

Sagittarius Marketing has worked with many top travel and insurance companies focusing their direct marketing and implementing cross-channel communications strategies to improve customer retention and recruitment. If you're interested in developing your direct marketing strategy and adding value to your customers then why not benfit from our experience and expertise. Call us on 08450 553888.

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