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Published: 12 January 2015


Recently, there has been a huge trend with the ‘Selfie Stick’ and for most people this was a Christmas stocking essential. Retailing from around £5 to £15 they were a great stocking filler. I personally think they’re great, we are now able to take a group photo and actually fit everyone in it, what is there not to love!? Must admit I did too get one for Christmas.

However, further to this there has been a new discovery…. A year ago Kim Kardashian posted a picture of her striking a pose featuring her behind using the term ‘Belfie’ to describe it. Since then celebrities including Cheryl Cole and Kelly Brook have followed this, posting pictures of their ‘Belfies’ on Instagram.

Following this they have now taken the selfie stick to a whole new level… Creating a ‘Belfie Stick’, a selfie stick designed to take pictures of your behind. Unlike the selfie stick, which retails at around £5 to £15, the very unique belfie stick will retail around $80 (£50) and there is even a waiting list to be able to buy one!

Whatever else will the world come up with next??

Looks like the revolutionary ‘Selfie’ won’t be leaving us any time soon.



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