Google Sitelinks
Published: 01 May 2015

Have a low click through rate on your account or a specific campaign and struggling to improve it? If you haven’t yet tried, adding sitelinks to your campaigns/adgroups is a great way to help improve the click through rate. Google has found that click through rates on ads that appear with sitelinks including further information are much higher than on traditional AdWords ads.

With the increase in click through rate comes the increase of quality score, a factor we all want to see as high as possible.

You’re also able to add more detail and information on your ads. With site links you are offered up to 6 additional opportunities for more ad text and/or calls to action.

It is a good opportunity to raise some brand awareness by adding links to your social media profiles such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

You have the ability to essentially run a PPC ad with 6 different destination URL’s, this can help searchers get closer to a conversion, rather than searching around for it. It also helps a visitor/potential customer navigate easier to your site, by being able to choose the direct page they would like to view.

Finally, site links give your visitors a better user experience, which means happy customers, something we all want!

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