The Future of Trends
Published: 12 May 2017

If you missed this week’s event  “The Drum’s -  Future of Marketing

Here is a brief summary of some key learnings from the “Future of Trends” session.

Here are 7 key learnings or things that I found interesting and some action points if you wanted to apply these to your brand:

Music and engagement

The use of music has always been known as a way of engaging with consumers, however there is evidence to demonstrate that music engages people on another level and sparks many different areas of the brain, more than that of language alone.

Action Point?

Brands should try and include music, but not just linking with an artist due to popularity but perhaps create music that reflects the brand. Think about what the brand makes you feel like, what emotions are you as the advertiser trying to convey. Make sure the music stays true to your roots/audience.

Speaker – Jack Fryer, “The Power of Music in Marketing” Director, Research and Planning, Universal Music UK



Believe in your message

Ensuring that all areas of the business understand and buy into your message – what are you trying to share with your customers or audience, why is it important and what is the benefit. 

In this talk there were examples from Mastercard and how despite of being in the financial industry (not as well known for saving the World), they want to share the overall objective and why what they are doing is going to result in a positive impact for the World. E.g. Helping reduce the amount of money in the World through card payments. One of the positive impacts of this to reducing the expensive cost of tax evasion (esp in the US) and reduce the cost of producing money.

The main message was that believing in what you are selling,  and the authenticity in your message/advertising is such an important thing, people want to believe in what they are buying and the best way is by selling this is through genuine emotion.

Guillaume, obviously was passionate in MasterCard’s aim and conveyed it in his talk.

Panelist – Guillaume Conteville,  “Trends shaping marketing for clients”, Head of Marketing, Mastercard @GConteville @Mastercard


Diversify your team

Diversification and inclusion shouldn’t really be an area to have to raise in today’s multicultural society, but it is something that should be considered within companies.  

The key here is to consider all the benefits of have a team from diverse backgrounds or believes to create challenging and different perspectives within a marketing environment. This balanced view could lead to a much more well considered campaign, understanding a broader audience and what is important to them.

Panelist – Adrian Cutler, “Trends shaping marketing for clients”, Sales Director, Microsoft search advertising


Don’t Forget the ‘Middle’ Man (or Woman)

Lately there has been a trend in media/news/content/ads of being challenging or extreme in messages, to stand out or make an impression. However, there is potential trend of considering the middle (mass) audience, if you consider this is usually a larger audience it isn’t a bad plan for advertising.

A positive and confident message targeted at the mainstream view can help reinforce a common point of view which may be relatable to the audience rather than challenging. This could then help the brand engage with the middle ground audience (a potentially larger audience). Sometimes consumers want to relate and feel a sense of belonging and comfort.


Post Modern Marketing

Are we moving into a new phase of marketing - “Post-Modern Marketing”? This could be an time of fusing creativity, technology and data into a new way of engaging with audiences.

Pre Modern Marketing – focused on emotion and creativity (right hand side of the brain) – think Mad Men.

Modern Marketing – based on a time of science, data & technology (left side of the brain) – Where we have been.

Post Modern Marketing – based on a combination of emotion, creativity, technology and data (ignite both sides of the brain) – Where we are going?

Combining emotions with machines for the ultimate experience.

Speakers – Tom Stein + Dan Sheridan, “Trends shaping agency services” Stein IAS



New Tech 

Obviously a big trend is in new technology and automation, but a key output from the event was that there should be some thought put in to why you want to use new tech, such as VR/360 video/Augmented reality, AI etc. There is a large cost involved so the campaign should have some key objectives.

If it could be used to engage with an audience, and linked to an emotional response then these campaigns are often very effective. Here is an example of an award winning campaign  where a group of school children were taken on a “Field Trip to Mars” using  a school bus with VR glass windows allowing the children to view a bus trip on mars, without having to wear VR glasses so they could share the experience with friends and students.

In terms of automation, in marketing there is need to continue to automate many marketing functions, to make the amount of data manageable and also keep on refining targeting and personalisation.

Speakers – Tom Stein + Dan Sheridan, “Trends shaping agency services” Stein IAS



Thanks to @TheDrum

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