Published: 12 February 2016

With use of smartphones and tablets in todays world, its amazing how technology is now accessible to not only the young and technically savvy, but also to the older generation that may have been previously isolated from the medium.

Brands such as Apple have made using their technology simple yet effective, not over complicating the steps in the process to use their products.

iPads have transformed how older people use technology and apps such a Mail enable the older generation easily use email as a communication method with friends and family as opposed to traditional written letters. Family photos or just a quick hope your well email can be sent and received across the globe in a matter of seconds, bringing people closer together than ever before.

Using this tech is now also easier than ever before! Turning on an iPad is now as simple as pressing a round button and swiping the screen to the right and off you go, no waiting for things to start up and load as previously may have been the case.

With this technology now in the hands of so many more people, retailers are able to market their products to millions more potential purchasers. Google recently reported that 56% of today’s consumers now use mobile search before making a purchase, meaning that retailers have a wider opportunities to market their products digitally to all generations than ever before.

Using tech for older people is also not all about things like email; it’s also about learning something new! Whether it’s how to connect your new dvd player to your new HD TV or how to create a Facebook profile, there’s a how to video out there for pretty much everything, making the internet a valuable resource. As an average, 40.7 million people in the UK watch videos on YouTube each month, if you have not searched for a ‘How To’ video on YouTube give it a whirl!


Sarah Dennis

Head of Marketing & Communications

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