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Published: 03 July 2014

Sagittarius is proud to announce the latest client website launch for Toyota Oekaki Sewing called Toyota Oekaki World.

Toyota Home Sewing engaged with Sagittarius to provide a digital solution to help them launch a brand new product to the UK marketplace and build a community of home sewers. 

Sagittarius have developed a fully integrated digital marketing campaign for Toyota Home Sewing in the UK to support a nationwide launch of the new Oekaki Renaissance sewing machine, a new addition to the Oekaki Home Sewing machine family in Summer 2014. 

Toyota Home Sewing wanted to create a more contemporary face of sewing and appeal to a younger and different demographic to the traditional sewing profile. The project aims to connect the practical to the digital and give every user a personal experience and connection to Toyota Home Sewing brand.

The national campaign consisted of:

  • A new responsive website to promote the availability of the Renaissance machine via WordPress development platform.
  • Social media campaign to drive engagement and online traffic
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Pay Per Click Campaign
  • Blogs to engage and inspire the sewing community
  • Webkeys which would be sent with the product upon launch
  • A multi-channel content strategy

The website contains a delicate balance between the practical and tactile explosion of craft and colour combined with the technology that allows the product to be shown in a digital form, which engages, inspires and enthuses advocates and people new to the Toyota Home Sewing brand.

The site was developed on a WordPress platform to allow Toyota Home Sewing the flexibility of content publishing with complex development features. It also acts as a hub of content at the centre of the digital ecosphere. Using a WordPress platform also provided features such as user management; blog content, media management, which allowed for a richer and even more relevant user experience and in turn, encourages higher levels of satisfaction and an increase in conversions of purchases.

Whilst craft and sewing is an extremely practical art, the website, webkeys, community and social media allows users to interact with the brand, share their experiences with other users and also allows Toyota Home Sewing to measure the effectiveness of the campaign across all channels.

An Oekaki World sewing community was also created to support the product launch. The community includes inspirational projects and patterns; user generated content, tips, videos, social comments and blogs.

Users are also able to view news items and will receive a newsletter every three months with the best news and favourite projects. This section encourages interaction and sharing within the community.

Sagittarius also engaged with the local sewing community with an outreach campaign, providing machine and sewing tutorials to local clubs and sewing groups. 

For further information about this exciting new sewing product, please visit: www.toyotaoekakiworld.com


Nick Towers

Co-Founder & Joint CEO

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