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Published: 18 November 2014 Over the last 12 months the internet has grown from having an existing 22 Top Level Domian's (TLD's); .com, .net, .org etc. to over 100’s extensions including .travel, .agency, .health and .technology.  

A TLD refers to the last section of a URL for example, the domain name Sagittarius.agency is a TLD.  

The introduction of these TLD’s has opened up a wealth of options on the internet and brands are ever increasingly moving over to TLD’s as we have here at Sagittarius.  

Using a new TLD does have its positives and negatives so here is some relevant guidance on this new hot techie topic.  

The introduction of these new TLD’s allow business owners to have a dedicated web address that is directly relevant to their business. Rather than just telling somebody that you are based in the UK with a .co.uk you can clearly explain that you are an agency for example with an .agency TLD. However, making this change does also need to be part of your wider online marketing strategy, not forgetting the search engine optimisation and data capture implications.

TLD’s are also not just for URL’s but can also be used in email address and the format of these email addresses reflects the TLD structure reflecting sarah@sagittarius.agency  

Since adopting the solution of a TLD Sagittarius.agency, we ourselves have encountered a few issues. One of these being that people wanting to use the .co.uk or .com at the end of our URL or email address which is not required and secondly that TLD email addresses and URL's are not accepted within some webforms.  

Webforms form a part of our daily browsing life on the World Wide Web and using a TLD formatted email address may not be a smooth ride. Some forms simply do not accept TLD formatted email addresses. To ensure that the forms displayed on your website accept TLD email addresses and URL’s a simple update is required by your web development company.  

If you would like to talk to Sagittarius about implementing a Top Level Domain for your website or assistance with updating your web forms so that they accept TLD’s, please give us a call on 01233 467800 or email hello@sagittarius.agency

Sarah Dennis

Head of Marketing & Communications

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