Published: 13 May 2015

On Wednesday, 13th May, The Drum announced the results of this years Independent Agencies Census and the team at Sagittarius again scored highly again in one of the UK biggest industry polls!

Hundreds of agencies across the UK took part in the census that looked at financials and more importantly peer and client ratings.

Following the 2014 census, Sagittarius was recognised within the 1-25 person agency category. The client and peer polls for the 1-25 person agency group were some of the most competitive in the census, proving that you don’t need to be the biggest agency to impress your clients and contemporaries!

The financial poll looked at turnover as well as profit. With the combined turnover of the agencies surveyed totaling over £1 Billion, the census highlights how strong Sagittarius is as an independent UK digital agency.

Based on the Recommended Agency Register (RAR) client reviews, the client poll showed that positive reviews from Sagittarius’ clients rank them amongst the best. The peer poll is recognition of an agencies overall success with the agency arena. Industry votes were merged with public votes to score the most respected independent agencies in the UK.

Sagittarius’ results in the 1-25 person agency census were:

  • Peer Ranking: 44th - An increase of 19 places from 2014
  • Financial Ranking: 70th - A decrease of 1 place from 2014
  • Client Ranking: 113th - An increase of 17 places from 2014

Paul Stephen, CEO at Sagittarius commented, “Being recognised within the census for the second year running is great recognition of the hard work, determination and commitment of the people and the skills that we have within the agency. 

The fact that the peer and client rankings have increased on the 2014 census is testament to agency and the people within it, without whom we would not have any of our success. Our clients and prospects can be assured that they are working with one the UK’s leading Independent Digital Agencies”

For further information on the census result, visit The Drum: http://www.thedrum.com/news/2015/05/13/drum-publishes-results-its-2015-independent-agencies-census-giving-insights-uks


Sarah Dennis

Head of Marketing & Communications

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