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Published: 30 October 2014 Background
Toyota Oekaki World is a community orientated site that provides top of the range sewing machines but primarily provides tips, inspirations and advice to it's members. Toyota Oekaki World had began the process of building a social media presence on Facebook in the past with 1,410 Likes but this figure had more or less stayed stagnant over the past two years.  

As a result we created a comprehensive ‘Facebook Likes’ campaign strategy, focusing on not only increasing Facebook Likes but also targeting different age ranges with similar interests to get a better understanding of key target demographics.  

With a limited budget, over the course of 3 weeks we increased Facebook Likes by 1,489 at a cost of £0.36p a Like. In addition to this, the client learnt more about their audience and subsequently discovered that they had a higher response from age ranges that they had previously thought were not a target area. This has also resulted in undergoing a further campaign based on the success of the first and this has generated 2,488 Likes over the course of five weeks at a cost of £0.30p per Like.   

Overall we have increased engagement of Toyota Oekaki World's Facebook Likes by 3977 over 2 months at a cost of £0.31p a Like and also provide invaluable insight to our client in terms of their ongoing marketing activity.  

If you would like to talk to the Sagittarius Digital Team about your social engagement plans, please call us on 01233 467880 or email hello@sagittarius.agency
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