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Published: 12 December 2013 Sagittarius is pleased to provide European Study Tours with a new, refreshed and rejuvenated website allowing teachers and group leaders to source information, plan and book educational study tours with easy and confidence.

European Study Tours are the leading educational tour operator, providing tailor made educational tours and student conferences for schools and colleges.

Sagittarius has a strong track record in providing websites for educational enrolment specialists and first developed the website for EST in 2006. Sagittarius recognised that in an ever increasing and competitive marketplace, the EST website would benefit from a number of key improvements.

Earlier in 2013, Sagittarius developed a new brand identity for EST and a key change for the website was to reflect the new creative materials used across the printed collateral within the online offering.
Iconography, strong uses of imagery, colour pallets and 3rd party recommendations were key considerations in the look and feel of the new website along with a cohesive user journey across offline and online materials.

Existing tracking, analysis and reviews of the customer journey allowed Sagittarius to better understand how users already moved through the site and where the key pages were. With this in mind, the website has been built with the teacher and group leader in mind, making the enquiry to booking process an easy to manage and smooth process.

Impactful imagery is consistently used throughout the new site to provide aspirational travel suggestions.
Users are now able to search by destination and then by subject allowing teachers to clearly navigate to their selected specialism. Alternatively, searches can be made by subject matter and available destinations are shown.
Navigation is also enhanced with clear categories and sub categories shown in top-level navigation.

Quotes are instantly available using a ‘Quick Quote’ form and a ‘Tailor-Made Quotation’ allowing teachers to instantly ascertain how much a potential trip could cost to full in depth trip planning.
Journey planning is also clearly defined throughout the quotation page, assisting teachers and group leaders to confidently plan and prepare all of the materials needed to take students overseas.

For further information on European Study Tours, please visit: www.euro-study-tours.co.uk

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