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Published: 01 January 2015

I hadn't heard of Google Cardboard until recently when a colleague of mine brought his into the office and I can honestly say I was amazed.

So as you can imagine when I heard Virgin Holidays was starting to use them in store to advertise their holidays, I was very excited. Apparently they will be using the Google Cardboard to show potential customers what their holiday could be like, starting with vacations to Miami and Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando.

This is taking Marketing to a new level, no longer are businesses relying on brochures and direct emails, we can now show people what they can get for their money. Virgin Holidays will be among the first companies to use this type of technology to promote their products, giving them a foot in the door before some of the biggest companies which you would expect to be first.

Lee Haslett, Director of Sales Trading at Virgin Holidays commented: "We are thrilled that we will be able to inspire our customers to choose their next holiday by going beyond brochure pages and giving them an immersive experience like no one else on the high street, making holiday planning easier than ever."

The question left on my mind is, what is next? I can’t wait to see how their competitors will try to out do them on this one!

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