Published: 19 November 2015 Within this ever-changing industry, it is unsurprising we see constant updates on channels including, Facebook and Twitter. Inevitably, these channels want to ensure they keep up and ahead of the game with all things digital. The most recent activist is Twitter, rolling our several changes within November. With one of the changes being quite significant to many users, causing a Twitter storm…

What was it? If you have not yet noticed then you definitely have not been on Twitter. After the update rolled out this was the first thing I noticed… The famous star in which you used to favourite a tweet with was now a love heart! I then hovered over the heart and rather than saying ‘Favourite’, it now said ‘Like’. My first thoughts…

Twitter, why are you copying Facebook?

Ultimately, Twitter have changed this because of the massive popularity with the ‘like’ button on both Facebook and YouTube. Additionally, according to the service some users found the star icon confusing. It appears this may not quite be the case though, when #WeWantFavButtonBack begun trending.

Fear not, favourite and star button lovers; you can get the star back! A big fan of the star has created a new add-on for Google Chrome that allows you to change the heart back to a star.

This was not the only change made, but the most significant for sure.

The second update was the addition of ‘Polls’ to tweets. Which I personally think is great! Twitter has always been the lighter hearted/laid back social media channel with the small character limit and the use of images always being far more engaging. Therefore, adding polls helps to increase this for Twitter. Everyone loves to offer their opinion, and what a great way to do so!

Thinking of it from more of a business perspective this offers a great chance for businesses to gain customer feedback, new ideas and information about their product and service. So inevitably opens up many opportunities for business. 

What are your thoughts on the most recent changes?

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