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Published: 19 February 2015 With the ever growing advancements in new and current technologies at such a rate, who will sustain the steady rise of such technologies and who will come up with new innovations of the future? It’s hard to see but computer code runs in almost everything today. It is important now to introduce children to the basics of coding and putting them on the path to learning the essential skills required to becoming webmasters at an early age rather than later.

There are now several programs committed to aiding kids, as well as parents, from being left behind in the digital world. Coding has also been added to UK’s Computing Curriculum from September 2014, which will help children grasp the fundamentals of programming at an earlier stage in their educational development.

Barclays have recently launched their movement to encourage 7-17 year olds to have a go at programming and to be creative (barclayscodeplayground). This comes across as a very forward thinking and encouraging move by the bank, who have a great emphasis on all things digital. Coding sessions can be booked where trained Digital Eagles in branch are at hand to guide children to understanding and establishing their coding abilities.

The BBC have also revealed their new ‘Doctor Who and the Dalek’ game on Android, iOS and Amazon app store, which consequentially teaches children boolean based-logic programming. It is designed to encourage simple, clean and short coding practises which are rewarded by power ups for in game benefits. Try it for yourself: www.bbc.co.uk/cbbc/games/doctor-who-game

Another product which aims to teach kids about computing and programming is the Kano Computer Kit (www.kano.me). This is a great gift for your young ones to introduce them to how computers work and the relationships and differences between hardware and software. After building the computer it can teach users to code by starting to make simple modifications to games such as Minecraft, Snake and Pong.  

In conclusion, corporations are aware of the need to teach kids the coding skills to write the code of the future. I think more and more organisations will follow suit and try to encourage the young to partake in the fun and learning of all things coding.    

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