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Published: 25 July 2014

Can you imagine if a builder built you a house without an architect or an interior decorator? I imagine it would be four walls, no windows that’s a structural weakness. A concrete floor, a steel roof and solid steel prison door for ultimate security. Who needs plaster or paint on the walls brick is fine.

I’m sure no builder would actually do that although I make no promises! Anybody who has watched DIY SOS or the like knows they always have an interior decorator on hand.

That for me is what a client side developer does on a daily basis. Taking the mundane and making it take life. The designer dreams but without the client siders hard work it would never become a real breathing website.

They have to deal with some quite horrific issues, can you imagine having to write a 10,000 page document. But you have to write it in nine different word processors. None of which work with one another.

At the time of writing there are nine major browsers IE 7, IE 8, IE 9, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Safari mac, Firefox mac, Chrome mac. Don’t even get them started on the mobile browsers, if you’re lucky you only need to worry about Safari, Chrome, Opera, and Opera mini for the iPhone, Android, IPad and Nexus.

As you can see trying to build and test for everything is an absolute horror. Each browser has its own subtle nuances different in browser security, default font sizes, borders etc. All these issues can be overcome but never doubt that the industry is constantly changing and its client side developer’s job to stay on top.

It sounds like it’s a terrible job to be in doesn’t it. Which considering how happy the developers I work with are, you must think they are a bit S&M! But to see a design being brought to life by your own ability can you imagine why you wouldn’t get immense satisfaction and joy from being a client side developer?


Richard Brisley

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