31402  What is Content Marketing
Published: 03 November 2014

Everyone see’s Content Marketing as the ‘new’ strategy but looking back over the history of marketing, its the old. Basically, we are going back to the beginning and reusing all the tactics we pushed aside.  

How we direct marketing strategies has changed as well, no longer are we just pushing content out to anyone that will listen. We are now analysing who the current audience is and who we want to become our ‘new’ audience. Once you have worked this out you are ready to roll with working out who they are and what they want.  

It is all about the demographics of the audiences, where they live, what industry they are in, what income do they earn and even what do they do in their spare time. This will open lots of new avenues for where and who you should be sharing your content with.  

So now you know who you’re aiming your content at, you can work out what the content should be. There are many different formats of content that you can use, blog, infographic, video.. the list is huge! I’m a huge fan of re-purposing content, not only using it in a blog but then using the figures used in it to make an infographic which would be a huge hit on Twitter. `

All this can take some time but it is very much worth it in the end, but none of this has any point to it unless you ‘outreach’ it. Let people know it’s there, identify who would be most likely to share it, even get YOUR content on other peoples sites. Get people talking about it!  

These steps will not only help spread knowledge about your product, it will help many of the other avenues of Marketing.  

Conclusion: Stuck for ideas, go back and look again. Even if you look back through your uni Marketing books, there is always another (maybe better) way of doing what you do. Never settle, always try to do better!
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