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Published: 16 July 2010 So as the ever changing face of the Internet evolves, it leads us to ask what will Internet marketing have in store for us and specifically SEO in the future?

There is no question that Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is now an established marketing tool, gaining more importance year on year and those putting a case in the board room for investment in SEO aren’t coming up against the resistance they once did (and not that long ago either!).

There are a number of trends that are currently arising and according to a recent report from IAB/PWC, Pay Per Click advertising (PPC) spend continues to increase despite rising media costs. However, this channel will certainly continue to be utilised by online marketers, which keeps the industry in a strong position, particularly with significantly stronger interest in SEO indicating it’s growing importance.

In addition to these changes we’ve seen social media integrate itself with paid search and natural search to make the industry even more relevant and important then ever before. We will see advertisers trying to utilise these opportunities further as social media continues to merge with search engine marketing over the next few years.

We may see that new entry search engines such as Bing take more market share from Google and provide an alternative route to market as well as different audience to target. We have also started to see the emergence of semantic search engines and as search engines seek to give people more relevant content and attract people to their content, we may see link building become less important.

As information about SEO and PPC becomes more readily available and a broader audience understand the differences, we may see people purposely steer away from PPC adverts. It’s feasible that an entirely PPC based search engine may be developed which is not able to be search engine optimised, providing an open and transparent search engine that openly promotes that fact that searched results are based on paid advertising and relevance. We may also see more slang terms factored into algorithms.

With the development of iPhones and the iPad, Internet access is available almost everywhere and we are bound to see a surge in app creation and development from both big and small developers alike. Within the last few days for example, Microsoft have offered monetary incentives for developers to create apps and submit them to Microsoft to be accessed and possibly used by the company in the future.

Whilst things may not steer dramatically away from the core of digital and online marketing, it would be wise for all marketers to factor into their strategic plans, these upcoming changes to keep up to pace with a rapidly changing landscape.
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