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Published: 07 November 2014

Since Twitter launched Promoted Tweets in April 2010 it has continuously grown and grown, now becoming a main source of paid advertising for many businesses. Even though Twitter Ads have been around for over 4 years and are popularly used; I am always surprised about how many businesses aren't actually aware of them, or they're aware but not entirely sure how to use them or just haven't bothered; and it is definitely a huge missed opportunity!


But… Why should you be using Twitter Ads? Here’s why:

  • It is probably one of the cheapest PPC options I personally have ever come across. Although Google Adwords is great for advertising some of the cost per click prices can be pretty high!  
  • You can create your own audience. When setting up Twitter Ads you choose who to target your promoted tweets/account to by other users on Twitter, which allows you to reach a more defined audience, making it more relevant to your business.
  • There are currently 255 million people on Twitter, so it is likely your target market IS on there.
  • It helps to raise brand awareness, a huge advantage in itself!
  • The ads will catch Twitter user’s eyes instantly as ads are displayed prominently.
  • There are many different campaign types, want to gain more followers? There’s a campaign for that. Want to increase website clicks or conversions? Or want to promote
    your app? There’s a campaign to do all that too!

  • Finally, it is so easy to use… Well... once you know how!

But just like in everything there are some disadvantages to using Twitter Ads too. Nothing major. But if you’re used to using Google AdWords when it comes to reporting you’ll be surprised at the little amount of data you can pull together on your Twitter Ad Campaign. They just give the basics. Not used to advertising? This will be great for you as their reporting is far from confusing!


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