Unprecedented change has occurred within the GCC FSI & Banking industry due to the pandemic, and yet many brands still fall behind when it comes to capturing, segmenting, unifying and using customer data to enhance the online experience - which is exactly where CDPs can change the game.

We recently conducted research on the Financial Services industry in the Middle East and it revealed both why customer data is often hard to use and what leaders are doing to use it more effectively. We’ve compiled these findings into a comprehensive whitepaper report, which is available to download now, with a few crucial talking points including:

Key Insights 

  • On average, Middle Eastern companies use 56% of the data they collect.
  • 82% leverage customer data for AI and ML functions56% run customer journey testing with the data they collect/
  • 37% believe their company has a single customer view.
  • 87% agree that data analysis has helped to better predict customer behaviour.
  • 99% have seen benefits to sales conversion thanks to personalisation.

Want to find out more? You can download our latest research now, or explore our insights on how CDPs are being used in the UK in our accompanying whitepaper by clicking here.

How we can help

Sagittarius works with leading financial businesses to help conceptualise, shape and deliver outstanding customer experiences that convent: increased customer retention, conversion rates and proven ROI from digital investment.


Meeting and exceeding your customer needs and expectations across the Financial Services Industry is crucial. Sagittarius helps your brand transform through building digital experiences that push satisfaction to the next level and generate rapid revenue growth.

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