inclusion at sagittarius.

Talent has no boundaries and drives our diversity.

Celebrating our differences
We believe that innovation, creativity and brilliant ideas are born from diverse thinking and this leads to the best outcomes for our clients and their customers. Diverse thinking is a product of bringing people together, from different backgrounds, cultures, experiences and specialisms, to gain a greater understanding. We are at our strongest when these perspectives and opinions meet and galvanise into the Sagittarius approach.
We have created a genuinely inclusive workplace where we value each other as individuals both for the extraordinary talent and unique creativity that lives at Sagittarius but also the blend of passion and humility that drives us forward together.

This is our foundation for diversity and equity. Our inclusivity is built around talent – talent can exist anywhere. It has no boundaries and does not discriminate. At the heart of our values is the goal to; Be Remarkable. In essence, this means we want our people to be special, to be different, to stand out among peers and let their ability shine.

We strive to create a place where people feel they can belong. Regardless of education, opinions, culture, ethnicity, race, sex, gender identity and expression, age, languages spoken, colour, religion, disability, sexual orientation and beliefs.

We celebrate the differences and in order to give this paramount importance in our business culture, we ensure a fair process, balanced systems, equal opportunity for all and inclusivity are baked-in to everyday life at Sagittarius. When our people feel valued, respected and appreciated for their true selves then they are free to do their best work and ultimately succeed and be remarkable.

To Be Remarkable and Go Beyond

you must be;

Passionate and Determined
Insightful and Effective
Humble and Helpful
Innovative and Open-minded


Our commitment to Diversity, Equality and Inclusion

We have taken a long hard look at ourselves to see where we are now and where we need to focus.
We have removed any gender pay gap that may have existed
We have implemented working from home and flexible hours to support and improve work-life harmony
We have introduced technical testing and psychometric profiling and multi-diverse final interview panels to balance and level our recruitment process
We have successfully implemented a well being and mental health program and we have champions within the business at all levels.
We have implemented a bespoke mentoring program to accelerate personal development and ensure a gender balance at C suite level for the future.
We continue to survey our teams to determine areas of underrepresentation to help us identify where to take action
We are implementing a D E & I structured programme of training and best practice to reduce bias and promote inclusion across the business