Adam Gallucci

head of business development

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Business development is all about people. Technical challenges and digital obstacles are often easily solved, but it’s the chemistry and relationships that forge strong projects

Adam’s been a successful agency business development professional for more than 20 years, starting out in advertising and branded content then moving into FMCG marketing and digital engagement. Throughout his international career, he has helped launch a Seattle based UX agency in the UK, grow a European FMCG influencer agency and helped developed a creative agency driving customer engagement for Easy Jet, Taylor Wimpey and Disney. Focused on digital and the power of DXPs for the past five years, Adam works hard to understand the business and marketing objectives of any potential client. A fellow of The Chartered Institute of Marketing, he lives in Surrey with his partner and young family. 

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Scratching the itch: time to move agencies?

18 Aug 2020 - 7 minute read

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G-Cloud 12: Tri-service Digital Accreditation

G-Cloud 12: Tri-service Digital Accreditation

Sagittarius achieves listings in 3 categories of G-Cloud 12, easing procurement of digital services that use cloud computing

30 Sep 2020 - 3 minute read