Anthony Haynes

Business Analyst

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Anthony is an experienced professional with a degree in Advertising and Marketing. Over the years he has worked in sectors such as Advertising, Marketing, Digital Media and Insurance. Anthony’s key focus is to be a change-maker and add value to clients. As a Business Analyst, his role is to be an expert on his clients and provide exceptional consultancy and analysis, by being a critical thinker and keeping a clear, transparent, open line of communication.

In his spare time, he enjoys going to the cinema, travelling and playing sports, mainly football. He’s also highly interested in tech and has taken a keen interest in the stock market.

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Anthony Haynes



The 5 key benefits of working with a Business Analyst

We explore the benefits of working with a Business Analyst, including five crucial impacts they can have and the core skills they can bring to your business.

10 May 2022