Natalie Waite

Head of Sitecore Optimisation Consultancy

Natalie Waite

Strategically bringing together your customer insights and engaging content with high performance technology, and in alignment with business objectives… this is where the magic happens

Natalie has a strategic online marketing background having spent 4 years working in buying for the UK's leading shopping channel and 3 years specialising in digital marketing. She has a wealth of knowledge across online channels; whilst specialising in retargeting, content marketing strategies and strategic development. With a keen interest in driving conversions, regarding both traffic to a website and its subsequent action on site, she is keen to work alongside our clients to leverage their online communications and conversions.

Natalie’s passions outside of the office fall largely to travel, having recently taken a year to travel around the world touching foot on 5 continents and ticking many of items of the old bucket list… whilst, of course, adding more to it! When not shark cage diving or bungy jumping Natalie’s other main passion is… fashion! Natalie is often found immersed in fashion blogs and rummaging through her extensive shoe collection identifying growth areas.

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