code & solutions reviews.

Take advantage of code and solution reviews to ascertain your digital real estates technical health and stability.

reviews, audits and health checks.

Want to check that your site is functioning at an optimal level? At Sagittarius, we offer a complete health check to give you insights into your site’s strengths and weaknesses.

Technical and code reviews
A full technical audit will ensure that your site is stable and robust. Our expert team will deep dive into your world of code and recommend potential changes to see off problems before they arrive. The process involves a 220-point health check including: componentisation, CMS management, third party integration, server architecture, deployment process and quality testing. 

Personalisation audits
Our personalisation audit will determine whether your site is adequately leveraging the Sitecore's personalisation features. The health check will include: data template structure, componentisation, CMS management and utilisation of xDB.


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