exm & automation.

Deliver highly targeted and super relevant email communications to nurture your audience using Sitecore’s EXM and Marketing Automation modules

power up your email marketing.

Email Experience Manager (EXM)

Email performance comes to life with Sitecore as its natively integrated email platform harnesses the power of your audience’s wider experience with your site to deliver highly contextual email communications and a seamless brand experience across channels.

By pulling on the seriously enriched data sets from the Sitecore Experience Database (xDB), EXM delivers rules based personalised content according to user preferences, profiles, engagement type and level, whilst long-tail user engagement values bolster classic email performance metrics.

Email scheduling and time zone selection offer right time messaging and triggered emails can be configured in Marketing Automation to automatically send relevant emails in line with onsite behaviour. A/B testing built into EXM offer split testing of content type, order of content and templates, meaning email optimisation opportunities are built in.


Sitceore’s philosophy of reusable content means it’s possible to leverage existing content items and reactivate content from your website into your emails. Whilst WYSIWYG content editing enables content editors to see the visual result as they work.


Marketing Automation

As users interact with your brand onsite their actions are measured, the goals they trigger define their engagement value and their stage of funnel to infer the next best action. This builds overtime to evolve their profile and combines with content profiling cues to create a picture of their interests, needs states and user type.

Sitecore Marketing Automation enables marketers to build specific marketing funnels using this rich data set to nurture users thorough their engagement with a brand in line with their profile.

Its drag and drop functionality means contextual marketing has never been easier. Triggered emails with appropriate follow up activity can quickly and easily be activated to automatically engage your audience in ongoing, relevant and timely communications to nurture their journey with your brand.


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