ux & ui.

Creating smooth, frictionless and exciting digital user experiences that drive engagement, conversion and lead to a successful path of purchase

user experience design.

UX is a blend of science and art, that melds extensive research and visual excellence to create a seamless experience for your users.

Our dedicated UX team will forensically examine your audiences to craft a faultless experience that meets their needs and drives conversions.

Experience is paramount at Sagittarius - our approach is wholly customer-centric - and our processes are tried and tested to deliver the right result each time:

Phase One: Discovery
We’ll learn all that we can about your customers and consider those yet to buy into your brand. We’ll understand what they like and dislike and map the entire digital experience based on their needs and drivers.

Phase Two: Ideation
Next, our UX team will create and test your experience, ensuring real users vet our ideas, and our work exceeds genuine user needs.

Phase Three: Optimisation
Stage three is always present. Every decision we make and every design change we implement will be tested with your audience to verify that your experience is the absolute best it can be.

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