sitecore training.

Everything you need to know to make working with, and marketing through, the Sitecore Experience Platform easy

the sitecore academy - train with us.

Regardless of your level of knowledge and experience using the Sitecore Experience Platform our Academy programme has something for you.

Our Experience Tracks delve deep to uncover not just the 'how' but the 'why' of context marketing. Our goal is to move you a step ahead of the competition so you can unlock its leading edge functionality and truly wow your customers.

Sitecore is more than the sum of its parts and to make the most of the platform you should take advantage its marketing, content, personalisation and testing tools.

Contacts us to find out more about the academy's exceptional training opportunities for your business. As an agency that specialises in Sitecore, we’re the experts and we individually tailor routes for developers, application administrators, content managers and marketers. Our lectures and practical labs provide hands-on, real-world scenarios to put your learning and new skills to the test.

Our team of Sitecore MVPs and consultants are on hand to provide training sessions and SBOS workshops tailored to your business goals and requirements. If you are thirsty for more detail then head over to our dedicated Academy website to learn more!

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