6 ways to reduce checkout abandonment rate.


1. Use progress indicators

Let your customers easily see where they are in the checkout process and how long they have left. Below is an example from AO.com which shows a simple progress bar and clearly highlights where you are currently in the checkout process and what steps are left.


2. Short checkout process
Keep the checkout process short, only essential steps! Remember, the quicker they can check out, the quicker they become your customer.

3. Be up-front about delivery charges
There is nothing more annoying than finding the right item, at a price you’re happy with, only to then be stung by the cost of delivery or other hidden charges. To avoid this happening, it’s simple! Just tell your customer up front what these costs are.

4. Don’t make customers register, offer a Guest checkout
Don’t force people to register before purchasing, as many people just don’t want to. Instead, give your customers the option for a Guest checkout (see example below from Net-a-Porter.com). You can always provide the option to register at the end of the checkout process, but remember to highlight the benefits to them e.g. order tracking.


5. Reassurance

Let your customers know how secure it is to checkout on your website. JohnLewis.com is a great example of giving reassurance to their customers through the checkout process. Once you’re on the basket page and throughout the rest of the checkout, the language is all about being secure and using recognised 3rd party verification logos, giving their customers reassurance that it’s secure to buy from them.


6. Remove distractions
Make sure your checkout pages are free from distractions. Don’t let people get distracted from the ultimate goal - purchase! This means, no advertising banners, reduced navigation, no pop-ups. Keep the checkout contained like JohnLewis.com.

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Emma Nijjar
Head of Client Services (Maternity leave)
Emma has worked in digital for over 12 years, specialising in eCommerce and conversion rate optimisation (CRO). Her experience ranges from website builds, CRO and social media campaigns.
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Emma Nijjar

17 Mar 2017 - 6 minute read
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