A 'Day in the Life' of Talent.


5:00 am Get up and ride my horse, muck out and walk the dog.

8:00 am Drive to work

9:15 am Attending agency morning 'Stand Up Meeting' – watch and listen, who’s great, who’s good, who looks like the need a bit of time later today.

9:45 am Check my diary, prep for today’s interviews, 121’s appraisals and meetings and start on the dreaded in box.

10:00 am Start the rest of the day

No two days are ever the same at Sagittarius.  My core hours are spent advertising, reviewing CV’s interviewing both via telephone and face to face. 

Organising social events, administrating for our fab team of people, arranging training, solving issues, planning, coaching, advising, buying biscuits, reviewing HR systems, attending industry seminars and networking, looking at new tech, collating data,  preparing reports for the leadership team, staff surveys, measuring my own performance and looking at my metrics, researching new ideas, talking to people – making sure they are all happy and being challenged.

My projects include writing our vacancy job specs, designing a new appraisal systems to be in line with our core values, creating our EVP, implementing our training programme, creating and maintaining and active talent pool alongside implementing a regular stream of social events.

Fridays we finish with beers – so my job to make sure they are chilled (the beers not the team) and end the week on a high!

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Claire Battle
Head of Talent
Claire is the agency's Head of Talent and is responsible for employee recruitment. Claire has a long history of working in recruitment and IT and enjoys working in a dynamic agency environment!
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Claire Battle

02 Sep 2016 - 4 minute read
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